Ascent Midstream Partners is the result of decades of experience.  

Our President and CEO, Larry Durham, cut his teeth hauling crude oil in the Permian Basin in the late 80's for Sunoco.  Larry was busy making his name as a top notch crude hauler, while Sunoco began to see value in getting him into the office. Larry was given the opportunity to move into a dispatch role; his first chance to adapt his oil patch mindset to the unique challenges of Corporate America. He had a long, successful career advancing through the ranks in both Marketing and Operations at Sunoco, but it was his foray into private industry that really allowed him to hit his stride.  While serving as President of Pacer Energy Marketing, Larry built the company from an Oklahoma crude oil shipper moving 500 barrels per day to a major player in 10 states moving over 25,000 barrels per day on trucks to pipeline terminals, barges, and rail facilities.  Larry has contacts at Crude Oil Markets all across the United States and relationships with logistic companies in every region to get the Crude where it needs to be.  

Jamie Osterhout, Ascent Midstream Partners' Vice President of Business Development, has Crude Oil running through his blood as well.  Jamie is the son of an Oklahoma Oil and Gas Producer and was born in Cushing, OK, the pipeline crossroads of the world. He was raised 10 miles down the road in Drumright and he grew up working in a local pipe yard where he learned first hand the unique aspects of serving Crude Oil Producers.  Jamie went to college in Edmond and then returned to Drumright as a small business owner before landing his first Crude Representative position at Pacer Energy Marketing almost 15 years ago.  While working in that role, Jamie handled all aspects of Crude Oil Marketing from both producer and market contract negotiation, to logistics and blending.  Jamie was an integral part of the team that created the success Larry Durham saw over the past 15 years and the only choice to help lead Ascent Midstream Partners as VP of Business Development.

Chad Anderes is leading Ascent Midstream's Kansas Operation as Sr. Director of Crude Oil Supply.  He attended Pittsburg State University, graduating with a BA in Marketing in 1993, and jumped into the oil business as an Oil Technician while working to earn that degree.  In the early 90’s, Chad served as Division Order and Logistics Manager for Crude Marketing Incorporated where he managed and executed all functions of purchasing crude oil, hauling crude oil, and crude oil revenue distribution.  As Crude Marketing Incorporated transitioned to Crude Marketing and Transportation, Chad continued to excel and advance up the corporate ladder, landing the position of District Manager / Crude Oil Representative.  In 2009, Chad had the opportunity to go to work for High Sierra Energy as Manager of Crude Oil Supply in Kansas and Oklahoma.  Chad leveraged his decades of experience in Mid-Continent crude oil operations to analyze and identity midstream opportunities and build a very impressive coalition of crude oil producers.  Under Chad’s guidance, High Sierra continued to grow the Kansas and Oklahoma business and was eventually acquired by a couple of different midstream companies. Through the transition, Chad continued to provide a consistent, reliable market for his customer base.  At Ascent Midstream, Chad will lead a customer focused crude oil marketing operation that will create a more efficient and transparent purchasing process.  

Revenue Distribution is an extremely important department in any Oil and Gas Midstream company. When Ascent Midstream Partners was founded, it was clear the company needed someone with loads of experience and the right temperament to tackle any potential Division Order issue.  Teena Smith Hutchinson, our Revenue Distribution Manager, has all of those qualities and so much more.  Teena has experience working in many different areas of Oil and Gas, including dispatching, revenue distribution, tax reporting, state and federal agency reporting, and division order title opinion analysis.  Teena spent the last 12 years before moving to Ascent working at Pacer Energy Marketing serving crude oil and gas producers in as many as 12 different states.  Her consistent results and no nonsense attitude towards tough problems has ingratiated her in the hearts and minds of producers and royalty owners all over the country and she looks forward to resolving issues and assisting Ascent Midstream customers in any way she can.

Cory Durham heads up the Crude Oil Marketing department of Ascent Midstream Partners as Director of Crude Oil Supply.  He has just over 10 years of experience working many different roles in Oil and Gas.  Cory attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater where he focused on Marketing and Business Management.  As a child, he pumped stripper wells for an independent operator and then spent time working in a crude oil truck yard while attending OSU.  Cory spent the last 4 years as Crude Oil Rep for Pacer Energy Marketing where he successfully negotiated crude purchase agreements and managed the logistics for producers all over the MidContinent.  He serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Council for the marginal well educational organization Sustaining Oklahoma's Energy Resources and is currently on the Board of Directors at the Eastern Kansas Oil and Gas Association.  Cory helps Ascent Midstream Partners by leveraging new technologies to better assist our customers.  Ascent Midstream Partners provides cutting edge crude oil marketing solutions with old fashioned service and Cory fits that mold perfectly.  

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